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YMTC and Xperi Enter into 3D NAND Patent License Agreement



  Xperi recently announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with YMTC that includes access to a base portfolio of semiconductor intellectual property related to Xperi's DBI hybrid bonding technology for use in its 3D NAND products.

  Craig Mitchell, president of Invensas, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi, said Xperi's DBI hybrid bonding is a key technology for current and future generations of high-performance, high-capacity 3D NAND flash memory, and Craig Mitchell noted that he looks forward to expanding the relationship with YMTC.

  According to Xperi, hybrid bonding 3D integration technology is increasingly used in a variety of semiconductor devices, such as sensors, memories and logic devices, to enhance performance and functionality while reducing size and cost. In 3D NAND applications, DBI hybrid bonding technology is able to break down memory arrays and logic circuits to provide the optimal wafer process node for each application.

  However, as one of the signatories of this cooperation, YMTC has not made a statement on this news on its official platform.

  Official information shows that YMTC is an IDM integrated circuit company focusing on 3D NAND flash memory design and manufacturing integration, mainly supplying 3D NAND flash memory wafers and particles, embedded memory chips and consumer and enterprise SSD products and solutions for global partners, with products widely used in mobile communications, consumer digital, computer, server and data center fields.

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