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NXP's Trimension UWB Radar Portfolio Enables Ultra-Precision Motion Detection

05/26/2022 NXP, Trimension, ultra-wideband radar, ultra-precision motion detection, chip


  NXP Semiconductors (NXPI) announced that it is the first to introduce a single-chip solution that combines ultra-wideband radar with precision ranging capabilities, further expanding its TrimensionTM product portfolio. By integrating UWB radar, a device can sense its surroundings and the distance to other UWB devices. Enables mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and automotive applications to more cost-effectively and easily acquire motion sensing capabilities, including presence detection, vital signs monitoring and gesture recognition.

  Product Importance

  Ultra-precise motion detection through ultra-wideband radar can help improve safety and convenience in the smart home and automotive markets. For example, smart baby monitors equipped with ultra-wideband radar can detect a baby's breathing while asleep and alert parents when breathing patterns change. In the automotive market, the technology could be used to help prevent tragedies caused by high temperatures inside the car. Both NCAP guidelines and the U.S. Hot Car Act mandate that a safety alert be sounded when a child is left in the back seat of a vehicle.

  More details

  Rafael Sotomayor, executive vice president and general manager of the Connectivity and Security business unit at NXP Semiconductors, said: "Ultra-precise motion detection enabled by ultra-wideband radar can bring new levels of safety and convenience to a variety of use cases, including alerting drivers to the back seat Key use cases that remain for children also include the simple scenario of switching TV channels with gestures. This new addition to the Trimension portfolio is a single-chip solution that combines ultra-wideband radar capabilities and ranging capabilities to enable the Internet of Things, mobile devices and Developers in the automotive market can more easily and quickly integrate highly accurate motion detection capabilities."

  The expanded product portfolio includes the Trimension SR160 for IoT applications and upcoming Trimension devices for mobile and automotive applications. Together, the newly introduced devices can expand the UWB ecosystem to new applications and use cases.

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