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Kuaishou launched its self-developed cloud intelligent video processing SoC chip SL200, which is under internal testing

08/10/2022 Kuaishou, cloud intelligent video processing SoC chip SL200, StreamLake


  Today at the Kuaishou video cloud brand StreamLake conference, Kuaishou officially released the video cloud brand StreamLake to enter the technology toB market. It is understood that StreamLake includes two core advantage areas of Video+AI, and will provide a full-link solution for the video upgrade of enterprises.

  According to reports, in the past year, StreamLake has cooperated with Zhihu, China Unicom, CCTV, Xiaomi and many other partners to explore in the field of video and intelligence.

  In addition, Yu Bing, senior vice president of Kuaishou and head of StreamLake business, revealed that Kuaishou, focusing on AI and audio and video business, has developed a cloud-based intelligent video processing SoC chip SL200 and solutions for live video on-demand applications. Online beta testing is underway.

  Yu Bing pointed out that the launch of the chip will help to further enhance the technical strength of the industry, help customers and enterprises to use lower computing costs and bring higher benefits. According to him, the chip is still in the small-scale testing stage, and mass production will take some time.

  As the demand for high-quality video in video streaming media continues to grow, CPU and GPU can no longer meet the needs of processing huge video services, and VPU, a dedicated video processing chip, came into being. At present, Google, Meta, ByteDance, Tencent, Kuaishou and other major Internet companies have all been eyeing this chip, and they have increased their layout and started self-research.

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