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GF joins Google's chip open source project to provide 180nm technology platform

08/05/2022 GF, Google, Google chip open source project, 180nm technology platform


  Google announced today (4th) that GF has officially joined its chip open source project, and the two parties have jointly released a process design kit (PDK) based on the Apache 2.0-licensed GF 180MCU technology platform.

  Google noted that global capacity for applications using 180nm is more than 16 million wafers and will grow to more than 22 million wafers by 2026, according to GF. 180nm will continue to be used in motor controllers, RFID, general-purpose MCUs and PMICs, as well as IoT sensors, dual-band RFID, and motor drives.

  Google says GF's 180nm technology platform offers open-source chip designers new capabilities for high-volume production, affordability and more voltage options. The partnership will help drive innovation for applications and chip engineers in these high-growth areas, and is a clear affirmation of the viability of an open-source model for the foundry ecosystem.

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