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SA: Double-digit revenue growth in Q2 semiconductor foundry market in 2022

08/16/2022 Q2 Semiconductor foundry market, consumer electronics semiconductors, conductor foundry, automotive chips, fabs


  Although the current global consumer electronics semiconductor market continues to be cold, the semiconductor demand for new energy vehicles and industrial tracks is constantly heating up, which also makes many international semiconductor foundry giants maintain a positive attitude towards the next expectations.

  From the market data of Q2, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics, the Q2 semiconductor foundry market will achieve double-digit revenue growth in 2022. Except for Intel, all other foundries saw growth. TSMC posted double-digit wafer shipment growth, but it lags in mature node pricing. Global Foundries wafer ASP is currently approaching $3,000. TSMC and Global Foundries both lowered capex, while SMIC and UMC maintained expectations.

  However, recently, according to DIGITIMES, sources pointed out that the slowdown in demand for personal computer and other consumer electronic equipment applications has dragged down the capacity utilization rate of foundries. Still, automotive chip orders made up only a fraction of the capacity gap in the third quarter.

  In the fourth quarter of 2022, foundries that do not have the ability to fill their fab capacity with more automotive chip orders, especially second-tier foundries, will still see their fab capacity utilization drop significantly, sources said.

  For tier-one foundries, only 5-10% of fab capacity in the fourth quarter will be affected by weaker orders for mass-market products, the sources said.

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