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Mouser Electronics Breaks Ground on Major Expansion of Global Distribution Center

08/29/2022 Mouser Electronics, a global distribution center for electronic components


  Mouser Electronics, an industry-renowned New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor offering ultra-rich semiconductors and electronic components™, will significantly expand its global headquarters and distribution center to meet the needs of a thriving business for the next decade. Mouser has now begun construction of a nearly 40,000-square-meter, three-story building in its global distribution center to expand its distribution center again.

  Jiping Tian, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Mouser Electronics Asia Pacific, said: "Mouser has expanded its warehouse space and continues to invest in automation technology and staff expansion to meet the various needs of the future market, while ensuring that we of customers enjoy the same high level of service. These tools and systems allow us to help our customers reduce time-to-market in a whole new way.”

  Upon completion of the new construction, Mouser's 320,000-square-meter global headquarters and ultra-large distribution center will have a combined floor area of nearly 140,000 square meters, which will accommodate Mouser's vast inventory, including more than 1,200 Over 1 million different SKUs for electronic component manufacturer products and technologies. The new building is connected to the existing distribution center building by a sky bridge, with three mezzanine levels on each floor, and is equipped with advanced automation systems. The expansion will allow Mouser to have a more advanced receiving, order pickup and logistics functions, strengthening Mouser's position in e-commerce.

  Earlier this spring, Mouser completed the installation of 120 vertical lift modules (VLMs), the highest total in the world for VLM installations. VLMs are essentially oversized vertical filing cabinets with shelves and automatic gripping devices that transport components to employee workstations. This not only greatly improves efficiency and reduces floor space, but also helps employees effectively reduce walking time by more than 45%.

  In addition to the large-scale installation of VLMs, the Mouser distribution center is equipped with multiple Ultipack and I-Pack machines that can process up to 14 orders per minute with the help of these sophisticated automated sealing and labeling systems. In addition, Mouser installed the OPEX Perfect Pick sorting system and AutoStore system.

  The use of advanced automation technology is mainly to improve efficiency, productivity, accuracy and speed, and these new systems can also help us achieve a more sustainable operating system and further improve customer satisfaction.

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