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Industry insiders: Tight supply of automotive MCU chips will continue until 2023

06/22/2022 MCU chip, MCU chip for automobile, chip supply


  Despite declining demand for consumer electronics, industry insiders expect automotive MCUs to be in tight supply through 2023.

  According to Taiwan media reports, the electrification of cars is driving the use of electronic products in cars, and the demand for key automotive MCUs continues to be hot. Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers estimate that a car needs 20-30 MCUs. Future luxury models could require as many as 100 MCUs, up from an earlier estimate of 70.

  In terms of automotive MCUs, Chinese mainland manufacturers are making continuous progress. For example, GigaDevice said on the investor interaction platform recently that the company's 40nm automotive-grade MCU products have been sent to customers; the automotive-grade MCU developed by Sino Wealth Electronic Ltd. The film will come back; Chipsea Tech Shenzhen also said that the company is developing car-grade MCU chips, which are mainly divided into M series and R series. The M series is mainly used for body electronics, such as window control, wiper control, and light control; the R series is mainly used for chassis control, power system control, etc. The above products are being developed as planned.

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